This DIY blog post goes out to all the cactus lovers among you. The French creative duo behind the blog Heju show us how to transform our lovely marble platters into glorious plant stands.

Follow these easy steps to glam up your succulents and show them the attention they deserve.

Over to you, Heju!

What you’ll need 

– A marble platter 
– A PVC tube, which you can find in the plumbing section of your neerest DIY store
– A hacksaw
– Neoprene glue
– Spray paint

1. Cut the tube with the hacksaw. For the finest stand, we chose a height of about 10 inches and the largest has a height of 8 inches. Feel free to sand the edges if there is any residue or if the cut is not as straight as you want it to be.

2. Paint your tube with a spray, for a smooth and shiny result .

3. Once the paint has dried, stick the tubes to the center of the platter.

Congrats! You just took your green plants to the next level.

Oh, and by the way, you can win our adorable woven wall artover on the Heju blog!


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