Back To School Ready

It’s September first and we’re feeling inspired by the start of a new season. Summer who? Summer what? It’s all about Autumn, getting creative and embracing some new challenges. There’s no better time to clear away the clutter, create some space and get some perspective. Blogger, Georgia Luisa Meramo shows us how she’s getting ready for a new university term, and shares her tips on bedroom sprucing. Over to you, Georgia…

Clear desk, clear mind 

Shop: Elephant MugMetallic Mini-Set of Notebooks and Cabo Copper Letter Basket

The most important part of being at university is to have a workspace that you feel inspired by. And of course, one that you can access readily. I create a clear, clean workspace by adding some fresh flowers, (although silk ones look pretty and are cost effective) some personal photos, and this rose gold letter basket. The letter basket is the perfect storage solution for stray paper (lots and lots of stray paper), reading material, sketchbooks and notebooks. Oh, and that copy of Elle you’re saving for your lunch break.

PS. No desk space is complete without a fat cup of tea.

Make it your own 

Shop: Photo Mobile in CopperClip String Lights and Romeo Cushion

When moving into a new house, it can be hard to make the space truly feel like home at first, especially in university accomodation. My favourite thing to do is hang photos that hold great memories all over the place.

I generally stick to a white or neutral theme in my bedroom, but then add rugs, cushions and chunky throws to really make it my own. I’ve gone for this minimal marble cushion with pink edging on my desk chair to soften things up. I’ve also added this rose gold photo mobile and these super cute light-up photo clips to hold all of my polaroids. Fancy.

Plants, plants… plants 

Shop: Urban Grow Star Lace Diamond Terrarium

My house has resembled a greenhouse for a while now. I love adding greenery against crisp, minimal pieces to give the room a bright and breathable feel. I stick to succulents and cacti for shelves as they’re super easy to look after, and will look amazing together when I plant out this terrarium. They’re also perfect for when you go home at Christmas and inevitably forget to water them. Damage control at its finest.

Pretty Organised 

Shop: Over the Door 5-Hook Rack in Rose Gold

If you didn’t guess, I’m a sucker for rose gold/metal highlights. I try and keep my ‘storage’ in line with the theme of my room to make a statement. This over the door hook set is not only adorable, but holds so, so much stuff! Hello and goodbye to all the coats you’ve been hoarding for the last five years, as well as that belt you’ve had since you were 14…


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